Visit Gibraltar with car rental and driver

Visit Gibraltar with car rental and driver

If you want to visit the beautiful Andalusian coast, and one of its targets is the Campo de Gibraltar, can count on us to make the transfer by car to the spanish border with Gibraltar.

If you only focus on the wonders that this land is, and do it in a comfortable way, without having to worry about find parking, have parking place, by lack of knowledge of the area, we recommend to leave this aspect in our hands, since it will have professionals of the highest quality.

In addition, our drivers boast to being born, or take a long time residing in the area, so you know the area of Gibraltar as their home. This is a point in its favor, having staff available who can advise at the right time, on which places visit, which routes to take, even the best choice of restaurants in the area.

Also, take into account that if they are accompanied by family members who do not speak Spanish, but if English, there will be no problem, since our car rental company drivers speak English fluent and understandable.

We understand that many of our customers, wanting to go to the area of the campo de Gibraltar, can come from England or other Anglo-Saxon country, so the language is an essential aspect that our drivers have to have under control.

We guarantee that the professionalism of the transfers to Gibraltar, from anywhere you choose, will be conducted with professionalism; where the safety, convenience, comfort, and if you wish the conversation with the driver, will be excellent. In addition, our years of relocation experience behind us, our company has been providing its services since 1993. Long enough that demonstrated excellence, and in addition this was thus perceived by our customers.

Our company have services:

  • Gibraltar car rental with driver.
  • Gibraltar wedding cars.
  • Gibraltar transfer.
  • Gibraltar shuttle.

Why visit the Campo de Gibraltar?

As for Gibraltar, it is a territory that has had great relevance within European history. From the entrance of the Muslims to conquer the Iberian peninsula in the year 711, up to the occupation of the rock by the English Crown, it represents a place with great strategic importance, becoming this importance to the present day.

Therefore we recommend you enjoy the story, and the enclave that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. The recommendation is therefore to leave in our hands his link by car from the spanish border with Gibraltar, of back and forth, to devote more time as well, to this wonder. It is highly recommended to perform binding by car from Malaga airport to be able, as discussed, enjoy the pleasant views.

Our vehicles, which we use to make transfers to the spanish border with Gibraltar, they are an exquisite range of high performance cars, such as:

Late-model Mercedes class S, to a classic Rolls Royce, where you will enjoy an excellent comfort, and provide you with a pleasant and comfortable journey.

Transfer or transfers from Malaga airport


As for the places from which we can pick you up, this is an issue that should not worry about them.

The most normal thing is that by the international airport of Malaga, come you so Pablo Ruiz Picasso could be the transfer from the airport. But if the case that you are already in Spain, or even residing here, we commit ourselves collect them at any location, at any time you want to.

This link with car rental from a point to another was, and continues to be highly valued by our customers. Satisfaction is such that many of them keep coming back with us, whenever they return to enjoy Spain.

Also tell them that if they have a normal commercial flight or a private jet, our driver will wait for them with a sign warning of their arrival; and as previously mentioned, you will speak Spanish and English fluently. In addition, if during your journey from the point his departure to Gibraltar, if they wanted to make a stop, or visit somewhere along the way, our driver will be happy to take them, and explain the most relevant of those places.


Cars for weddings


Another reason which can be frequent transfers in car rented in Gibraltar, is the growing tendency of the weddings in the rock.

This trend has increased lately by the beauty of the place. The intending spouses feel like being between the two continents. These beautiful views of the sea, where in the background one can grasp Africa. That Yes, must take into account the period of the year in which you want to celebrate the wedding, since the appearance in the continent that horizon is subject to whether the sky is clear, phenomenon that will be more in spring and summer. In the rest of the year, it is normal that there great clouds or fog, which prevents from seeing the Strait entirely.

Finally, information that may be relevant to our customers, is the growing concern that has arisen because of the "Brexit". The vote for the departure of the United Kingdom of the Union European, has called into question the freedoms and restrictions necessary to travel to this country and to Europe.

So tell that to enter Gibraltar, a territory belonging to the English Crown, for now there is no any restriction, and will be accessible with the national ID card in the country of origin.


When you come from a country that is not within the Schengen area, you will need a valid passport to gain access to the rock.

In any case, if there were any updates in the entry procedure, once get in touch with us to book a rental car, we will provide you the relevant information. We commit ourselves to keep us up to date with all legal proceedings.

Either way, visiting the area of the Campo de Gibraltar arriving from Malaga airport, it will be easier and more enjoyable if you make the transfer by car with a company like ours.

Also please note that the rental car return can also be made from Gibraltar airport.

We encourage you go to the area, and contact us now for a wedding in Gibraltar car, or simply to make a few days walk by this fantastic region. In any case, you can go to limousine Premier to resolve any questions about your rental car.