History and sights of Gibraltar

Information of Interest

The Phoenicians and Greeks visited the area in 950 B.C. Gibraltar and Greek mythology identified the rock as one of the Pillars of Hercules, called Calpe.

Since the second half of the fifteenth century Gibraltar was integrated in the Crown of Castile. Anglo-Dutch fleet in 1704 invaded the area in support of the pretender Carlos III of Spain during the War of Spanish Succession, the end of which was ceded to the British Crown under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

In the early twentieth century, specifically in 1909, the British authorities lifted the border barrier popularly referred to as "gate" in the land of the isthmus. During World War II an airport on that land that Spain does not recognize as British built.

In 1985, as part of negotiations for accession to the European Economic Community, the United Kingdom and Spain established the Brussels process began establishing the European Economic Community was committed to dialogue with Spain over Gibraltar. Since then, Spain with varying intensity has continued to demand the retrocession of Gibraltar.

In 2001 Spain and the United Kingdom announced a preliminary agreement that included a proposal for joint sovereignty, but Gibraltarians rejected in a referendum called by the Gibraltar authorities in 2002.

At present the Spanish Government continues to claim sovereignty of the Rock, but has always been rejected by the British government.

In 2016, 95% of the population of Gibraltar voted to stay in the EU in the referendum, but in the whole of the UK won the start of the EU, so that within two years, Gibraltar cease to be European space.

The official language of Gibraltar is English, however, the vernacular is the llanito. The llanito is a mixture based on the Andalusian Spanish with great influence of English.

The best attractions in Gibraltar are:

  • Casemates Square:

It is the main square of Gibraltar, which is the social and leisure shopping area of the city. It is full of bars, restaurants and cafes. In it you will find the Tourist Office. Two interesting details of the square are very typical booth British red phone and a bookmaker in one corner.

From the square and a length of approximately one kilometer is the main street of Gibraltar (Main Street), a pedestrian street with all kinds of shops. If walking across the street, you will find the Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned, the Governor's House and the Garrison Library. At the end of Main Street you will find the Plaza de John McIntosh in which is the City Council, the Courts and the King's Chapel.

  • The Rock:

The Rock of Gibraltar has 426 meters high and is excavated tunnels over 50 km long which served as a fortress and defense of the city.

Within the Rock Nature Reserve, worth visiting the Great Siege Tunnels and St Michael's Cave, inside which highlights his audience and stalagmites.

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The visit to Gibraltar is a fantastic opportunity to watch the monkeys in their natural environment. Gibraltar Monkeys have tails and are referred to as Macaca Sylvanus. This species is monitored in Gibraltar by the non-governmental association dedicated to research and nature conservation in Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Strait region called Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS).

Each spring and fall, the Rock becomes the perfect place for bird watching, as hundreds of thousands of migratory birds fly from their breeding grounds in Northern Europe and winter areas in tropical Africa place.

  • Alameda Botanical Gardens:

These gardens were inaugurated in 1816. They have species of flora and fauna from around the world, as well as some unique trees and plants. They also contain a wonderful outdoor theater.

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